Nelson Motorsports, Inc.

Since 1984


We've been racing as Nelson Motorsports since 1984, running in Formula Fords, Formula Atlantic, Formula Continental, C/Sports Racing, The IMSA Firehawk Endurance Series, The IMSA Camel GT series in a GTU Mazda, the Grand Am Series in a Porsche 3.8 RSR and a GT3 RS, vintage Formula One in our 1988 Tyrrell 017/4, and 1989/90’s 018/2, and 018/1.

About our Tyrrell 017 and 018’s....

Special Thanks to:

Without the help of incredibly creative and dedicated people like these, these cars would have never made it out of the spots we found them. We owe these folks a tremendous debt of gratitude for helping make the 017 and the two 018’s the great cars they are.


Mike Torino: TMR Racing, Orange, California

Project Manager. Total restoration, with tremendous attention to detail. We could not have done this without Mike and his crew.

Greg Mirich: Master Fabricator

John Nicholson: Nicholson McLaren Engines, England

A magnificent powerplant and a fantastic individual

All American Racers, Santa Ana, California

Dan Gurney's men fabricated wings, uprights, and other spares to F1 specs.

Phil Stratford: Prior owner of Tyrrell 017/2, California

Comrade in the struggle for the right parts

Steve Bryant: AP Racing, England

Brakes and Clutches

Neil Davies: Tyrrell Racing Organisation, England

Historical perspective, Blueprints for needed parts

Scott Elkins: Pi Research, Indiana

Data Acquisition hardware and software

Ted Waibel: T.A.W. Vehicle Concepts, Colorado.

Convinced Technomagnesio to make wheels from Tyrrell blueprints    

Jeff Heywood: Coast Fabrication, California.

Perfect headers to Nicholson McLaren specs. These are just gorgeous.

Mike Goebel: EFI Technology, California

New wiring harness

Stuart Barron: Steve Goode Fabrications, England

Header flanges

Brian Lisle: Newman-Haas Racing, Indiana

The car’s designer, now Newman-Haas' race engineer

Nigel Beresford: Former Race Engineer at Tyrrell for Jonathan Palmer’s cars

Jamie Lewis: Former electrical whiz for Tyrrell

Jonathon Palmer: England

Former driver

Rob Collings: Collings Foundation, Massachusetts

Former owner

Harry Mendel: Mendel Auto Sport, England

Junior engineer for Tyrrell, much of the initial restoration

ATL Laboratories

Replacement fuel cells